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Definition of SrA
« on: March 16, 2019, 07:15:44 pm »
The idea behind SRA started with the concept of unity. On the sim rfactor from ISI back around 2008, we had 3 F1 leagues battling for drivers in the North American timezone. 2 of them used private material, while the latter was dependent on public mods. The problem each had was never averaging a Full 22+ driver F1 grid. BG, the creator of this concept slowly brought all 3 admins together to at least open up & begin driver sharing. No one needed to stop their own series, just open up to the possibility of creating something bigger. As time went on Use of 1 mod became the norm and grids grew. As we've transversed to rF2, there are 2 F1 leagues surrounded by multiple sports car series.

I believe the problem with online racing is people want their brand on anything successful. Which is understandable, but what do we see most of the time logging onto multiplayer.....many empty servers. Most of which are using the same material. The SimRaceAlliance theme is just the idea for admins to lessen this competition with one another and just work together for series. The purPOse of this page will be for a simracer to find a race no matter what night, and join in. All active servers are above. If the SRA sounds interesting and you'd like to share league info, contact BG or SRA Admin profile on this page.

Nights of MAIN SERIES Hosted. Site forums on home page will update with main series info when available.
Sundays - VRC series
Mondays - (FiHS F1 league) (VOR rf2 TripleCrown) (CMS Assetto Corsa)
Tuesdays -
Thursdays - (CMS NARS) (SimRacingHubF1)
Fridays -
Saturdays - Likely day for periodic SRA Special Events
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